An easy to use Network and Systems Monitoring solution.

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Online Help - The online installation and user guides in HTML format.
Download the Installation Guide in PDF format.
Download the User Guide in PDF format.

Supported Platforms
nandView is a cross platform application, and should work on most systems that support PHP and MySQL.
We have tested and confirmed that nandView works on the following OSes:
Fedora 11, FreeBSD 7.2, OpenSUSE 11.1, Ubuntu 9.04, Windows XP, Windows 2003 Server (IIS)

Any HTML 4 compliant web browser should be able to render the web interface correctly.
Internet Explorer 6/7, FireFox 3, Safari 4 and Lynx have all been tested.

Professional Services
Custom programming, installation and implementation assistance are available. Please use the inquery contact below.

For basic nandView technical support and questions, email: tech_support
Inquiries, suggestions and professional services, email: inquery
Both email addresses should be sent to @nandview.com