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Flexible Email Options
One of the biggest worries upon installing a network monitoring system is a deluge of emailed alerts clogging your inbox or pager. You'll have no fears with nandView. With support for multiple email lists and message combining, you can receive as little as one email for hundreds of critical alerts.

Message Combining
email editorWhy receive individual alerts for every device? nandView will group up all critical alerts into a single message. It can even send a single message for all the tests that cleared. Emailing runs on your schedule. Want to be alerted after every poll? Once an hour? Once a day? It's your call. And if you really want to receive one alert for every alarm, it can do that too.

Multiple Email Lists
You can create as many email lists as you wish. Each list has its own set of rules and recipients. Send messages to any email address, including your cell phone, non-nandView users and distribution lists. Tests are then associated with the lists. This offers more flexibility than being tied to a device. For example, if you are running a combined web and email server, you can have "TCP-80" alerts sent just to your web admin, and "TCP-3306" alerts sent just to the database admin. Each list supports subject line tagging, making filtering and sorting your inbox simpler.

Time Restricted Emailing
Each list supports on-call/off-call time restrictions. Your staff might not need to be alerted 24x7 on a particular test. Set a start and end time, and nandView will not send email outside that period. Run an 8x5 shop? Just specify that the weekends are off-call.
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