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Upcoming features for the next release
June 30, 2010 @ 7:30am

I've recently been thinking about making some updates and enhancements to nandView. The following are a few features I'm hoping to add within a few weeks.

Removing popups. When I first was developing the UI for nandView, I thought having the main dashboard always being present in the back, and popping up a new window for configuration changes, was a good idea. I'm starting to rethink this. The model works okay in Safari. In FireFox and IE8 (at least by default), the config window will open in a new tab. On the iPhone, it opens on a separate panel. I haven't decided yet if I will make using popups a global configuration option or just remove it.

Mobile dashboard. Although nandView's regular dashboard renders just fine on an iPhone, it's not an optimal viewing experience. A mobile device, with its smaller screen size, will either display text far too small or require constant scrolling in both planes. A new dashboard will be created, designed for the smaller screen of the typical smartphone.

Kiosk dashboard. To create a read only dashboard in version 1.0, you can create a user account with as few access privileges as possible. However, this still requires you to log in. For kiosks and wall displays, I'll be adding the ability to have a read only version of the main dashboard screen that does not require a username or password. This feature will be off by default.

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