An easy to use Network and Systems Monitoring solution.

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nandView is a free multi-platform network and systems monitoring solution, designed for small to midsize networks. Written from the ground up to be easy to use and easy to administer, you'll get powerful features without the headaches of other complicated network management systems. You won't need to learn shell scripting, programming or write SQL commands with nandView.

Explore the features of nandView with the links above. See the user interface, built in reports and role based access controls by clicking on the 'Easy To Use' link. The 'Robust Polling' section will show the types of tests supported, including the unique PingFirst and PingLast technology. Your inbox won't be overloaded with status messages; see the 'Flexible Email Options' which includes support for on call time restrictions. Want to see nandView in action? Watch our demo video.

Online documentation and an extensive user guide is included with every copy of nandView, however we know that sometimes a bit more assistance is needed. Custom programming and professional services are available for hire. That doesn't mean you're locked in. You get the complete source code, and are free to modify and extend the product to fit your business needs.

Utilizing free and open source software, nearly any class of computer can be used to run nandView. The suite takes advantage of Apache, PHP and MySQL to deliver a database driven webapp at no cost to you. Not a Linux expert? No problem. We've designed the suite to run on Windows as well as Linux. You don't even need to buy Microsoft SQL Server or Windows Server. Just follow our easy installation instructions, and you'll be up and running in no time.


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