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nandView can generate reports and statistics based off information logged in the database. Each report is listed with a brief description of what it does. Many reports offer configuration options, such as setting a date/time parameter. Time entries need to be formatted as 'YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS' (in 24 hour format) to return correct values. The default start/end times are one month prior to the current time.

Administrators with the edit preferences permission can purge the log files from the reports page. nandView maintains three logs. An authentication log keeps track of logins, logouts, changes to user accounts, access control violations, login failures and enabling/disabling logging. The email log records when notifications are sent out and when notifications are skipped (such as due to on call time restrictions). The poll log stores the results of the polling process for each test. You can choose to purge any of these logs.

Purging logs will permanently delete all data stored in the log. This operation is instantaneous and irreversible, although you will be asked to confirm the purge before data is removed. Reports are generated with data stored in the log files, so purging will affect their output. For your convenience, nandView will display the estimated disk usage of the log files.

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