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Configuring Email Lists

Every test can be associated with an email list. The list contains one or more email addresses to send the notifications, and any on call time restrictions. If you update the information in an email list, such as the recipients list or subject line tag, it automatically applies to all associated tests. Each list can be assigned an on call schedule. The schedule specifies when emails should be sent out. You can send email during standard business hours, such as 09:00 to 17:00, or choose to send during overnight hours like 17:00-09:00.

The emailer can be turned off through the preferences page. When email is disabled, messages are neither sent out nor queued up. They are permanently removed. This will prevent you from being flooded with old messages when reactivating the emailer. The dashboard will indicate if the emailer has been disabled.

Adding or Editing Email Lists
The main email editor page lists all available lists. The left most column is used to edit a list, while a link at the bottom of the page lets you create a new list.

List name - The displayed name of the email list.
Address List - A listing of email addresses. You can specify multiple email addresses, using a comma inbetween each. Example: joe@example.com, bob@example.com, e-pager@example.com
Tag - This is a subject line tag. Whatever is entered here will show up at the start of the email subject line. This is useful for setting up email filter rules.
Send Clear - Specify if this list should send messages when a test passes/clears after being in the critical state.
Time Restrict - This must be set to 'Yes' when you wish to use on call time restrictions.
On Call - The start time of the on call shift. This is the time you want to start receiving email. Enter the time in 24 hour notation HH:MM:SS
Off Call - The end time of the on call shift. This is the time you want to stop receiving email. Enter the time in 24 hour notation HH:MM:SS
Weekend - If set to 'No' you will not receive email on the weekend (00:00:00 Saturday to 23:59:59 Sunday).
Combine - This determines if you receive just one email message for the critical tests and one email for the clear tests, or separate emails for each test. Setting this to 'Yes' will cut down on the number of messages you receive.

Deleting An Email List
To delete an email list, click the 'edit' link from the main email editor page. Now click on the 'Delete This Email Test' button. You will be asked to confirm the deletion. You will also be given the option to automatically update all tests assigned to that email list. Email list deletion is permanent and irreversible.

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