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The dashboard is your main interface with nandView. It displays the status of all your tests, as well as links to all the configuration options. The uppermost right corner offers a logout button. It is recommended that all users click the logout button when finished using the nandView web interface.

Overall Status
At the top is the overall status. This will show the total number of successful, warning and failed tests as well as overall health percentage and last poll cycle. If polling or emailing is disabled, you'll see a warning icon here as well. The last poll time is updated whenever the nv_poller program completes a run.

The percentage is calculated by comparing the number of successful and warning tests against the number of failed tests. For this calculation, any test in the missed one poll state (yellow) is still considered as passed.

Two buttons are present on the right hand side. The refresh button will manually reload the page. The dashboard will automatically refresh every few minutes. A preference is available to change the refresh time period. The other button is either marked ' View Critical Only' or 'View All Tests'. For sites with large numbers of tests, you may find it easier to just view critical cases. In either view, the overall status will reflect the entire system status.

Status Grid
The test status grid is a table showing all tests, their status and additional associated data. Entries are group alphabetically by device.

There are four possible status colors/symbols in nandView:
green - Pass (green). This is a test that passed during the last poll cycle, and should be considered as functional.
yellow - Warning (yellow). This test failed during the last poll cycle. To avoid alerting on small hiccups, nandView requires a test fail for the second time before going critical and sending out an email notification.
red - Failed (red). This is a test that failed during the last two polling cycles.
gray - Skipped (gray). This test was skipped during the last cycle. This usually occurs in conjunction with the 'pingfirst' or 'pinglast' tests, or for a newly added device.

Further to the right shows the last change and prior 10 polls. The last change time is updated when the status goes into or out of critical (red). This time won't change for the one missed poll (yellow) status. Next to the time are the prior 10 polls icons. This list goes from most second most recent poll on the left to oldest polls on the right (the most recent poll is the current status).

The email column will show you which email list is associated with that test. The notes column can be used for whatever purpose you wish. It could be a description of that device, the physical location, license keys, manufacturer or so forth. It could also be used for conveying information to other nandView users. For example, an admin could leave a note on a TCP:80 test stating "Installing IIS patches for the next hour". This way, if the test goes critical, other users can see why and not need to do further investigation.

Configuration Links
nandView uses roles based access control to restrict certain users from making configuration changes. The following links will only be present if the user has the appropriate access settings. All links will open in a new window or tab.

Add Device - Add a new device or test. Must have the 'Edit Tests' permission to see.
Add Test - Add a new test to an existing device. Must have the 'Edit Tests' permission to see.
Bulk Add - Easily add multiple devices or tests. Must have the 'Edit Tests' permission to see.
Configure Email - Add, delete or make changes to email lists. Must have the 'Edit Email' permission to see.
Configure Users - Add, delete or make changes to user accounts. Must have the 'Edit Users' permission to see.
Set Preferences - Change system wide nandView preferences, such as polling timeout, dashboard auto refresh time or turn off polling/emailing. Must have the 'Edit Prefs' permission to see.
Change Password - Allows the user to change his password. All users can access this option.
Reports - Generate reports based off information store in the database. Must have the 'View Reports' permission to see. Users with the 'Edit Prefs' permission will also be allowed to delete the log files from the reports page.
About nandView - This page will show the version number and contact information. All users can access this option.

Users with the 'Edit Tests' or 'Edit Notes' permission will have an extra column on the left side of the test status grid. This will link to the test or notes editor for that test.

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