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Configuring User Accounts

User accounts are designed to limit who can access the management system, and what they can do. You can choose to have a generic login, or create an account for every individual user. We recommend creating individual accounts. Changes to account status, such as setting to disabled or changing the role based access controls, take affect immediately. Users currently logged in will be affected by the change.

Adding or Editing Users
The main user editor page lists all user accounts. The left most column is used to edit a user, while a link at the bottom of the page lets you create a new user.

Username - The login id for the user. This name will also show up in select reports.
Password - Specify a password for the user. An administrator can change or reset a user's password here as well.
Account Disabled - This will enable or disable accounts. Disabled accounts are not permitted to login and will not be able to access any parts of nandView. Disabling an account is not the same as deleting it, as you can re-enable the account at any time.

Role Based Access Controls
Add/Edit Tests - Allow the user to add devices, add tests, edit tests or bulk add.
Edit Notes - Lets the user edit just the notes column for a device. Please note that the 'Add/Edit Tests' permission take precedence over this setting.
Edit Email Lists - Change email lists. A user with the edit email permission, but not the edit tests permission, is not able to reassign a device's email list except when deleting a list outright.
Edit Preferences - Access and change the system preferences, change settings and thresholds, disable polling, disable emailing, disable logging.
Edit User Accounts - Add, edit or delete user accounts. At least one user must have this permission. Note: you are able to remove this permission from your own account.
View Reports - Generate reports. The reports page also offers the ability to purge authentication, email and polling log files. A user must have the view reports and edit preferences permissions to purge the log files.

Deleting A User
To delete a user, click the 'edit' link from the main user editor page. Now click on the 'Delete This User' button. You will be asked to confirm the deletion. User deletion is permanent and irreversible.

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