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Bulk Add

If you need to add many tests to nandView, doing so by hand is tedious. We have included a bulk add utility, allowing you to create dozens of tests in one step.

Use the form to enter multiple devices or tests. Type or paste in a comma delimitated list (csv), separating each entry with a return. Do not put spaces between the commas. You can use a spreadsheet program to assist in this.

Format: device,ip_address,type,test,email,run_group,notes
Example for three entries:
web server,,ICMP,ping,Helpdesk,1,Production web server
web server,,TCP,80,Helpdesk,1,Production web server
database,,ICMP,ping,Helpdesk,1,Customer Database

You'll notice the first line in the text box shows the format (device,ip_address,type,test,email,run_group,notes). This line is optional, and will automatically be removed. When you click the 'Add entries' button, the system will show a table and ask to confirm the import. This table shows how the system has parsed your list. You will be informed of any invalid entries, such as specifying a non-existent email list. If everything looks right, click 'Confirm Entries'.

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